Entrepreneurs’ Organisation is the world’s most influential community of entrepreneurs. With 150 chapters in over 48 countries, and in excess of 11,000 entrepreneurial members, our members generate more than US$536 billion in turnover and employ over 2.4 million people.

Twenty nine years ago, several innovative, like-minded entrepreneurs convened a group of their peers that became the foundation for Entrepreneurs’ Organisation. Under the founding principles of collaboration, experience sharing, and personal growth, these entrepreneurs created an invite-only organisation for founders, owners or majority shareholders of companies turning over in excess of US$1 million per annum.

EO Auckland was established in 1998 and currently has a membership of 55 entrepreneurs. In New Zealand, our members employ over 2,900 people across 36 industries, with an average turnover of US$10.09m. It is led by the EO Auckland board, a voluntary group of dedicated entrepreneurs who give their time to lead our organisation, ensure good governance and create the best experiences for our members. Find out more about our board members here.

The Entrepreneurs’ Organisation enriches members’ lives by providing benefits drawn from three dynamic areas: Peer-to-peer learning, once in a lifetime experiences and connections to experts. These areas reflect EO’s core values – Make a Mark, Boldly Go, Trust and Respect, Thirst for Learning, and Cool.

Direct Peer-to-Peer Learning

Members share their personal and professional issues in a confidential, non-competitive environment. They learn and grow by sharing experiences with their peers, not simply by listening to their advice. These ‘forum’ experiences are seen as the key benefit of an EO membership. Your forum group of 6-8 members will meet monthly for a 3-4 hour period, discussing and sharing aspects of business and personal life.

Once in a Lifetime Experiences

Not only do EO members attend unique conferences in cities all over the world, but they also receive access to exclusive social events, behind the scenes invitations and exciting networking opportunities.

Connections to Experts

EO members tap into a network of experts as-and-when-needed, drawing from the experience of others in areas such as medical treatment, business advice, life skills, coaching and more.

Brand Guidelines

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