EO New Zealand currently has 77 members.  The average age of our members is 47, with an average business turnover of US$8.2m and on average, 34 employees. Members belong to a wide variety of industries and over 75%  of our membership have two or more businesses.

Barb Anderson
Andrew Barnes
Alan Bertenshaw
AJ Bertenshaw
Reuben Bijl
Ross Barraclough
Lester Binns
John Bolton
Mike Brougham
Simon Browne
Andrew Butel
Taylor Campbell
Scottie Chapman
Stuart Chrisp
Carol Comer
Richard Conway
Nathan Donaldson
Marisa Fong
Masimaya Ltd, View Video
Blair Mainwaring
James McGlinn
Bob McMillan
Macfam Limited
Sébastien Michel
Paul Nielsen
Paul O'Donohue
Sussan Ockwell
Simon Paterson

Phil Pietersen
Jason Poyner
Mark Richardson
Dominic Sutton
Todrick Taylor
Wendy Thompson
Aidan Uttinger
Frank van der Velden
Toby Vincent
Ulrich Wiehle
Jeremy Wilson
Seeby Woodhouse
Dean Young